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Fabric SOS – Where is all the Broderie Perse Chintz?

Looking forward to an exhibit of contemporary broderie perse, my co-workers and I have started our quest to creating our own (much less complex) attempts at this  beautiful art.   (So much less complex that our PR maven has nicknamed it “faux bro”.  I love that.)   One problem – we can’t find chintz anywhere.  There used to be reams and rolls of lovely polished cotton chintz, just ripe for cutting up and arranging artfully on a plain background. I bought a bunch of it for my bridesmaid dresses (and yes, I made the leftovers in to curtains. I’ll post a picture sometime). So what’s up with disappearing chintz?  Anybody out there have some leads?  Help!

Image:  Margaret Young Stansberry, c. 1830

Collection of the New England Quilt Museum

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Update, Progress and a Smile

My Friday Night Sew-In has become an all day and night event. I’m home today, drinking way too much coffee and getting ready to fire up the sewing room. But first – an update.

It  is looking like 2 pincushions and one small table ornamentationesque thingie with about 8 cathedral window blocks will be the output summary of my cathedral windows experience.  I will post pictures when I have determined how to disguise my issues with intersecting points.   I have learned that people use plain muslin for a reason, that cutting those 10 inch squares requires you to strictly observe the straight of grain rules, and that I just may do this again sometime now that I have learned these and other rules of the cathedral windows road.

For today’s smile, here is one of the brilliant re-interpretations of classic art masterpieces from Barbara Brackman. Check out the others (and her wonderful blog)  at Material Culture .

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